Upcoming FIFA Online 3 in Vietnam

With the launch of the teaser is very monumental cult football game likely will be Garena brought to Vietnam by the end of this year.

FIFA Online 3 the game can Sports online football simulation has been confirmed worldwide reputation for years. The game was developed by EA Sports, the "father" of the popular sports game series such as NBA Live, FIFA Soccer, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ... In my experience, EA Sports has blown a new wind into the FIFA Online , which becomes the new version a lot better, compared to FIFA Online 2 was released 5 years ago.

Upcoming FIFA Online 3 in Vietnam
FIFA Online 3 , top football game to be released by EA Sports ...
A popular game leading in Vietnam, FIFA Online 3 is discussing hot topics of the gaming community over the past time, especially when the game is Vietnam will gossip about later this year.
This information has been the publisher Garena introduced confirmed by FIFA Online Teaser 3 2 hours ago (10/7). This means, Garena will be FIFA Online 3 distributors in Vietnam, dispel any rumors before.
Trailer FIFA Online 3
Available from the early days, when the concept of e-sports is still very new, spent four years in development, Garena Vietnam currently has a significant contribution in building, forming a platform eSports healthy, strong. The cult game, sporty publisher has been brought to the gaming community, as typical HoN (Heroes of Newerth), and culminating in the development of mutations Legendary Alliance (LMHT ).
Garena is very successful with Legendary Union

Besides, with achievements large teams Legendary Union has brought about the Vietnam eSports are marked by the release of this game (Saigon Jokers teams in the top 10 world's most powerful LMHT team, Saigon Jokers to represent South AIMAG National competition).
Garena is there a way to develop extremely reasonable, and won the right to release FIFA Online 3 in Vietnam is a success that is achieved after release that each attempt.
This is good news for gamers FIFA Vietnamese community. With what LMHT have done, we can entirely trust Garena do the same, or even better with FIFA Online 3. Let's wait and see the latest information of FIFA Online 3.


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